Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bats, Balls and Baby Dolls I was sitting there playing with you a few days ago and I thought..."maybe I am already starting to push you in the direction I want you to go". Why do I say this? Because I looked at the two new toys I had bought you. 1) a tee with bat and balls 2) a soccer ball. Did I mean to do this. No. You do seem to like to watch baseball on t.v. I love how you will go up to the t.v. and point at it when baseball is on and say "bee ball". The other reason I got the tee set was I noticed you would take the baseball out of the glove on the t.v and then put it back in later. The soccer ball...well it was cute. So...even though you seem to enjoy your new toys. I knew I had to get you some more "girly" items. The next evening I ran to the store and bought you a baby doll. You LOVED it too! You kept hugging it and saying "baybay". Then I thought...well I need to get her some more things for the baby. Today, we went to Babies R Us and got a baby doll stroller. Again, you loved it. You pushed it around and got mad when it got stuck. We even took it outside. You got real mad when you pushed it into the grass and it got stuck. You wouldnt let me help you get it out. When we came inside you took the baby out...and then kept trying to get the baby back in the stroller. You suceeded and proceeded to push around your upside down baby in her stroller.

Today you had a little cold. Nothing bad but a runny nose and I could tell you were tired. Thank you for being a little trooper and going with Mommy and getting some chicken pot pie soup (Mommy didnt feel so good either).
Daddy got to see you walk (well actually you were running) for the first time the other day. Thanks to videomessaging. Even with Daddy in Iraq he can see you. I love how you blow him kisses and say bye bye.
Anna and Mommy at gymnastics

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1 year check up

We finally made it to Anna's first year check up.
She is 28.25 inches long (in about the 19th percentile).
She wieghes 17lbs and 12 oz (in about the 5th percentile).
We filled out the development milestone chart...according to that she is actualling performing at a 15-18 month old level. WAY TO GO ANNA!
We are going to get some blood tests done to rule out something things concerning her hand and feet turning purple at random. The doctor doesnt think it has anything to do with her heart as it sounded great, however, if the blood test come back negative she is going to refer us "for piece of mind".
Things have been crazy at work. Mommy has had some early mornings and late evenings but Anna has been a trooper. She still gives Mommy an hour or two when I get home.
Anna is fully walking now. She is wobbly and tends to fall but I would say 95% of the time when she wants to get around she walks! It seems like this came about so suddenly. But I am so proud of her.
Today we went to baby gymnastics. She had a blast...running around. Not much gymnastics going on but she did tumble a few times and attempted walking on the balance beams (holding Mommy's hands of course). I was actually really proud of her on this one skinny beam. She had the whole concept down that she couldnt walk like normal. That she had to put one foot literally in front of the other. She seemed to really enjoy it...I cant wait for next Saturday.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Walking, talking and eating

Our beautiful little girl spending some time by the lake after church. I took her there to see the ducks and geese...but they werent there. However, she had a blast playing on the bench.
Anna is picking up the skill of walking very quickly. This week she learned how to stand up with out using something else to pick herself up! She loves to walk in the living room, back and forth between toys and to Mommy. Although when she gets excited and wants to get somewhere fast, the first thing she does is drop to her hand and knees and crawl! Its adorable. I love it. I wish Daddy could see it. I need to find the charger for our small camera so I can video her....ok so since I started this post...she is walking even better! Around the living room that is her main mode of transportation.
She is learning new words constantly. She tries so hard to copy what I say. She tries to say diaper and sock. She is also learning the context in which to use thank you. Today at the post office she said "tang to" to the clerk. It was adorable.
Anna is also working on eating with a spoon and fork. She has the concept of the fork down. She will even poke at food with the fork or pick up the food and push it onto the fork!
And the cutest thing...Anna now blows Daddy kisses when he says "I love you Anna" on the phone. It melts your heart. Im just glad she over exaggerates the kiss sound and Daddy can hear it.

Be Safe Daddy!!!!

Anna and I just want Daddy to know we already miss him more than we could imagine. Even though we havent geographically together for 6 months...we still miss him more. It tough not knowing when the next time you will get a phone call or email.
It makes me even sadder because Anna had started "talking" to Daddy on the phone. She would point at the phone and say "Dada" or "hey"...sometimes she would even babble a little for him. The best...when he would say "I love you Anna" she would blow him and kiss and make the kiss sound.
It hit me today thinking about how when he gets back she will be twice as old she is now. I cant even imagine how different she will be. She is already picking up more words today she said "basket"! One time she said it clear as day, the other times it vaguely sounded like it but I could tell she was saying it.
Daddy...when you read this...WE LOVE YOU! We cant wait to hear your voice. We promise that everynight (unless there are extenuating circumstances), we will sit down in front of the computer and let you read Anna one of the books we videotaped. BE SAFE! You will be in all of our prayers and in our thoughts as we go about our days.