Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anna Banana Boat

My sweet sweet, crazy (in an amazingly hilarious way) little girl. You are changing right before my eyes. You continue to amaze me and make me smile everyday. Not a day goes by that you dont do something that makes me laugh out loud or smile with pride.
A couple weeks ago while you were taking a bath, you started counting your toys. (which you have become very good at in english, one time you counted to 10). So I started counting in spanish. I got out "uno" and without hesitation you jumped in and said "dos, tres". I was so proud of you. In the recent weeks, with help you have gotten up to 5 in spanish.
That same night in the tub, I started to say your body parts in spanish. You would sheepishly so say "no mommy". This went on for a bit me saying the name and you saying "no mommy". Until finally, I said eyes in spanish. You started giggling, looked at me and said "no mommy, your funny!" I about peed my pants.
Everyday I am thankful for technology. You without a doubt KNOW your Daddy, you know his face and you KNOW his voice. You get excited when its him that calls on skype. I love that you know him and you love him. Technology is a blessing. Its amazing, in the past 17 months you have seen him (in person) a total of about 4 weeks. But you know him!
One morning I got you out of your crib....without hesitation you darted to my bedroom. When you got there you looked sad. I asked you what was wrong. To which you replied "where Daddy pillow?" I told you that Daddy's pillow was with him in Iraq. You said "oh, this mommy and Anna's pillows". You know your Daddy, you think about him when he isnt on skype. Its amazing.
We had a blast Easter Weekend. Nana and Poppop drove in to see us the week before Easter. You loved having them around. Then you drove with them to NC. I met you there a couple days later. You were so cute. At no point were you shy with any of our family. You loved on them. Talked to them. Played with them. It was awesome to see. You called Granddad, Grandma. You called Grandma, Grandma. (You still call Grandad "Grandma". You kissed MawMaw. You told them you loved them. You sat on their laps. Oh....and did you run around. Back and forth, round and round. You had a blast. You loved sitting in Grandma's flower bushes and relocating the driveway rocks to the front porch. You were such a good little girl.
We went and saw the Easter Bunny. You walked right up to him and gave him a hug. Then you played shy while you sat on his lap. You had a BLAST over Easter weekend.
You LOVE to sing. You love to watch people singing. I love how when you sing, you throw your head back on the "high notes". Last night we were watching american idol and you were dancing to them singing. It was hilarious. Your little legs were kicking out to the side, you were spinning in circles.
I love how you bob your head when we listen to Bob Marley or Jack Johnson. You have the whole laid back, chilled out, head bob going on. Its sooo cute.
I love how you "take care" of me. You know when I am not feeling good. A couple weekends ago, I was completely exhausted and having a rough Sunday. You went over to the couch and hit it and told me to"lay down" mommy. So I laid down. Then you asked if I wanted a pillow and went and got a pillow. Then you asked if I wanted a blanket. Then you got me a blanket.Then you told me you would be "RIGHT BACK!" you came back with a bottle of water (not sure from where). You were adorable. When I tried to get up you told me "no, lay down mommy". I felt bad that you felt you had to "take care" of me, but it was so sweet.
Oh...in the next post I will write about the Anna/Nana/Shower/Phone experience...

Friday, April 2, 2010


My little kohole. You are such a ball of energy. You are soooo extremely outgoing. I don't know where you get it from but there is no doubt you are your own person. I am so proud of you because you already are everything I wish I was. I love your tenacity. Your drive to get something down. You are so strongwilled and will argue your point. I love how your interests are not limited to one or two things but to almost anythig you can get your hands on. You have an amazing appetite to learn.
You are my little rascal. There is NEVER EVER a dull moment with you as you just wouldn't allow it. I love it. Even though you wear me out, I wouldn't change it. I love it. I love it because it is you and you make me giggle just thinking about you and the things you do. You are so perfect. Such a beautiful angel.
I love you. DON'T EVER CHANGE!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

My banana

My banana,
I love how you can make me smile. No matter how tired I am, how much my head hurts, you can always make me smile. I love your new game when we come home, you run to get your dishes and tell me to sit. If I dont sit you will pat my chair and say " cmon mommy, sit down". When I come and sit you will ask me "want chocolate milk?". When I say "yes please" you will say "k-hold on, wait right there". You will then go get one of your play cups and use your sippy cup (which really has milk) and pretend to pour me some. Then you bring it to me with a "here ya go mommy". I always reply "thank you Anna, mmmmm the chocolate milk is sooo yummy". This often gets a smile out of you. Then you go get a plate and a utensil and come and pretend to feed me. Its sooo much fun. I love watching you "pretend play". Its so adorable.
You make my day everyday so many times over. Recently I will go into your room and turn on your light when I go to get to get a bath. Then I will come back and open the door but walk out...my favorite is when you are awake and this happens. I love it because I will hear a little voice say "Mommy where are you?". Which sends me running back into your room saying "HERE I AM". You often fall over laughing. It makes my morning.
I love when I pick you up from day care and you run up and hug me and say "this Annas mommy!" and squeeze me. You are then sooooo excited that you embark on telling me about your day...to which I cant understand a word because you talk so fast.
Another Anna-ism you have picked up is answering "ummmmmmm?!" before giving a response to a question. For example, I will ask Anna what do you want to drink, to which I will get an answer of "ummmmmmmm, CHOCOLATE MILK"! (p.s. I love how you love your chocolate pedisure).
You are an amazing little girl. Your new favorite shape is octagon. You mix up hexagon and octagon but you LOVE the word OCTAGON! You still love your colors and now can 95% of the time correctly identify the common colors. I think you only get it wrong when you arent paying attention. You are also really good at your shapes. Square, circle, triangle, rectangle and octagon. We are still working on pentagon, hexagon, cube (you correctly refer to as box!), sphere (you correctly refer to as ball!), cylinder, cone, rectangular prism (you get mad and only call it a rectangle) and pyramid. You are also getting better at counting. The other night I heard you counting as you were picking up "1,2,3,4,.....(inaudible) 7, 8, 9, 10". You are such a bright little woman. I only hope me and your Daddy can continue to challenge you and continue to help that brightness grow.
I love how you will be hitting the ball off your tee one moment and the next thing I know you are playing with your dishes or pushing your baby in its stroller. You are such a well rounded little person. You love trying new things.
I love that you love to eat different things. The other night I mixed ramen noodles with a creamy spinach and ham. You TORE IT UP and wanted more. You LOVE popcorn and of course candy.
Oh....you finally hit 22lbs, I dont have what your height was (11MAR), but will update later with that. The good news is you are now in the 8th percentile! Whoooohooo. You are continuing to put on weight. I guess the pedisure is working!
Almost forgot another new "game"...you love taking off your jammies and diaper (in the middle of the night)! Which would be fine but your not quite ready for potty training. So mommy has figured out a way to win at this game....at least for now...I put a onsie under your jammies. Im sure you'll get it soon. The funniest part was one night I knew you had tried...because your clothes were on in the morning...but they were inside out.
You are absolutely unique. My little Anna Banana. I love everything about you (even your little tantrums---im sorry I know you get your temper from me). I thank God everyday for blessing me and your Daddy with you. Everyday that I wake up I look forward to every moment that I will have with you that day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The New Year...to new discoveries

Once again I dont even know where to begin. It has only been a little over a month since I wrote in your blog/journal but it feels like a lifetime ago.
Christmas...while we spent it by ourselves, we were not alone. You had a blast opening all your gifts. The constant "wooooww!"s made it a great day for Mommy and Daddy. The cutest part was how you had to take each toy you opened over to the computer so you could show Daddy. You really made Daddy feel like he was here with us. I couldnt have staged it better.
You are such a smart little girl. I know I may be biased but I really think you are.
You love to read books. You dont really have a favorite, just about anything will do. Even if it doesnt have pictures. You also love flash cards. You will come home and go straight to where we keep them and ask for them. The other day you read the words: elephant, tiger, cats, arms up, hi, clap, nose, mouth and eyes from the flash cards (there werent any pictures!) I think its time to move onto a new set of flash cards.
You love Dora and Elmo. Recently, the past week, you started interacting with Dora. You used to just stare at it. Now you will answer her when she asks a question.
You still love bath time and have discovered swimming. Although, the pool was never warm enough, your excitement never dwindled. You made Mommy and Daddy so proud because you were the only baby who would go under water and not cry. You actually would come back up with a huge smile on your face. The little boys daddies in our class would use you as an example to try to get their little boys to go under. I cant tell you how many time I heard "Look Anna went under, can you go under water like Anna?" The last two classes we had you discovered you liked to jump off the side of the pool. Although we got a long way to go before you know how to swim, we couldnt be more excited. We love that you love the water! We cant wait for the next swim class (maybe the water will be warmer).
Your new favorite song is Hokie Pokie...affectionately know as "Dokie!".
At gymnastics you have gotten so much better at hanging onto the bars. Where you used to fall off as soon as we let go, now you can hold for a few seconds.
At home, you have shown how gymnastics has made you fearless. I cant tell you how many times I walk out of the room only to come back in (three seconds later) and you are standing on a table. AND THERE ARENT ANY CHAIRS AROUND!
The past couple weeks have brought on another love for you....COLORING! You love to color, although most of the time you dont even look at what you are doing. You have gotten most of your ROYGBP (P replaced V) colors down. Oh...P is both pink and purple.
I love how when you want me to play with you (or get something for you), you will come grab my finger and pull me. If I am sitting you will say "up Mommy". If I am up you will say "cmon Mommy". I love when you say Mommy. It makes my day...you never say Mommy when you are in a bad mood. Only when you are happy. If I get "MaaaaaMaaaaaa" I know im in for a "treat" :+)
When you get in trouble you will sometimes go to your corner (without me telling you to) and say "i sorry mommy".
You have a big time temper...but you seem to try to control it. However, if you get real mad you will pull your hair and scream...which hurts mommy in more ways than I can explain.
I love how when you give a kiss you will grab my face and hold it there.
I love how you draw me in and I cant help but be totally engaged with you. I love how you make me seek new ways to teach you things.
I love so much about you.