Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anna Banana Boat

My sweet sweet, crazy (in an amazingly hilarious way) little girl. You are changing right before my eyes. You continue to amaze me and make me smile everyday. Not a day goes by that you dont do something that makes me laugh out loud or smile with pride.
A couple weeks ago while you were taking a bath, you started counting your toys. (which you have become very good at in english, one time you counted to 10). So I started counting in spanish. I got out "uno" and without hesitation you jumped in and said "dos, tres". I was so proud of you. In the recent weeks, with help you have gotten up to 5 in spanish.
That same night in the tub, I started to say your body parts in spanish. You would sheepishly so say "no mommy". This went on for a bit me saying the name and you saying "no mommy". Until finally, I said eyes in spanish. You started giggling, looked at me and said "no mommy, your funny!" I about peed my pants.
Everyday I am thankful for technology. You without a doubt KNOW your Daddy, you know his face and you KNOW his voice. You get excited when its him that calls on skype. I love that you know him and you love him. Technology is a blessing. Its amazing, in the past 17 months you have seen him (in person) a total of about 4 weeks. But you know him!
One morning I got you out of your crib....without hesitation you darted to my bedroom. When you got there you looked sad. I asked you what was wrong. To which you replied "where Daddy pillow?" I told you that Daddy's pillow was with him in Iraq. You said "oh, this mommy and Anna's pillows". You know your Daddy, you think about him when he isnt on skype. Its amazing.
We had a blast Easter Weekend. Nana and Poppop drove in to see us the week before Easter. You loved having them around. Then you drove with them to NC. I met you there a couple days later. You were so cute. At no point were you shy with any of our family. You loved on them. Talked to them. Played with them. It was awesome to see. You called Granddad, Grandma. You called Grandma, Grandma. (You still call Grandad "Grandma". You kissed MawMaw. You told them you loved them. You sat on their laps. Oh....and did you run around. Back and forth, round and round. You had a blast. You loved sitting in Grandma's flower bushes and relocating the driveway rocks to the front porch. You were such a good little girl.
We went and saw the Easter Bunny. You walked right up to him and gave him a hug. Then you played shy while you sat on his lap. You had a BLAST over Easter weekend.
You LOVE to sing. You love to watch people singing. I love how when you sing, you throw your head back on the "high notes". Last night we were watching american idol and you were dancing to them singing. It was hilarious. Your little legs were kicking out to the side, you were spinning in circles.
I love how you bob your head when we listen to Bob Marley or Jack Johnson. You have the whole laid back, chilled out, head bob going on. Its sooo cute.
I love how you "take care" of me. You know when I am not feeling good. A couple weekends ago, I was completely exhausted and having a rough Sunday. You went over to the couch and hit it and told me to"lay down" mommy. So I laid down. Then you asked if I wanted a pillow and went and got a pillow. Then you asked if I wanted a blanket. Then you got me a blanket.Then you told me you would be "RIGHT BACK!" you came back with a bottle of water (not sure from where). You were adorable. When I tried to get up you told me "no, lay down mommy". I felt bad that you felt you had to "take care" of me, but it was so sweet.
Oh...in the next post I will write about the Anna/Nana/Shower/Phone experience...


  1. You are such a good mommy. I love how you write to her regularly on this blog. I think I have said that a thousand times, but you can just see how much you love your little Anna and you are such an amazing mama. I know it has to be tough with your hubby gone so much but you seem to be so strong for your little girly.

  2. Need an update!!!! Miss seeing your face!!!