Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Tricks

Our little Anna! Your are such a beautiful little girl both inside and out. You continue to amaze me.
Your newest trick...helping Mommy was dishes. You love to turn the dishwasher on. No matter if there are clean or dirty dishes...soap or no soap. To be honest you love turning things on and off. Be it the tv, the humidifier, the roomba robot, the air purifier...just about anything you can manipulate you will. Sometimes Mommy gets fustrated but then I smile. I cant stand mad with you. Your little mind is just learnign and exploring and taking great delight in showing that you know how to work things.
Your other trick...climbing. NO FEAR! You will climb on your little chair to get on the couch. You climb on the chest to reach the candy jar! When Mommy moves the chest you then climb on it, to climb on the window sill! I dont know where we are going to put the chest...You climb on Chance (our dog) and try to ride him like he is a horse. Much to your dismay he doesnt move but allows you to pounce on him.
I love how you LOVE books. No longer do we need to put you to bed using your videos. Now at bedtime, I read you a book and then give you the book when I put you in your crib. 9 times out of ten you sit in your crib and "read" your book.
We got you a fish this past weekend. Your little heart loved him the moment you saw him and you love to say hi to him in the morning and "night" to him at night.
This week out of the blue you took to the Green Bay Packer turtle that daddy made for you before he went to Iraq. Out of nowhere you brought it up to me and said "Daddy"? When I pressed its foot and Daddy "talked" to you, you squeled with delight. Now you love to press its foot and give it big hugs when Daddy talks to you. It makes my heart so happy to see that you know Daddys voice. I know it makes Daddy so happy when you say "hi Daddy" to him over skype and when you blow him kisses.
While Mommy has been slacking on working with you on your sign language, you still use the sign for eat, juice, milk and please. You have even started to use the sign for apple. I promise I will try to work harder with you. You also "sign" sometimes
when we sing abc' dont get the signs right but I think your getting the concept. I know if I could work with you more you would get it. If I could learn more to teach you, I know you would learn.

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  1. I love that black and white photo of Anna. She really is so cute. I can't believe how fast they grow. This 9 months for us has flown by I can't imagine how it will be when she is finally here. I hope you are doing good, and this blog page is a really good idea to do for Anna for when she is older to have to look back at.