Saturday, December 12, 2009

Im a big girl!

The pat couple months have been crazy! We have had Nana come visit to take care of mommy, gone to a wedding, had Poppop come visit to help us move houses, had Daddy come home to visit from Iraq, had Grandma and Pawpaw Shoe and Uncle Edwin and Maddie come visit to see Daddy and visit for Thanksgiving, went to Tennessee to see Sesame Street live, and saw Santa!

You were such a big girl when you went to the dentist. You loved the star sunglasses they gave you to wear. The funniest part was when you said "aaaaaahhhh" with your mouth closed.

You had a blast when Grandma, Pawpaw, Uncle Edwin an Maddie visited. One my favorite memories is watching you and Grandma cook in the kitchen. You were so into what Grandma was doing. You loved sitting on the counter and "helping". You loved it so much that the next morning when you walked
Into the kitchen you asked where Grandma was. You had a blast having your early Christmas with all of them!
You know it breaks my heart but I know you are going to be a "daddy's girl". The whole time Daddy was home, I think you choose mommy over Daddy maybe twice. Although it mad me sad... It mad my heart so happy to see that you loved Daddy and wanted to be close to him. You wanted to be so close to him and were so scared to let him out of your sight that you wouldn't go to sleep the first night Daddy was home. You had to be in our bed and all you wanted to do was talk to Daddy. I especially love how you had to show (pull out) every toy you had and bring it to Daddy. The saddest part for Mommy was the day Daddy left and when we came home. First when I picked you from daycare you asked for Daddy but that wasn't sooo bad. Mommy's heart broke when we came home and you walked into the house looking in all the rooms downstairs looking and saying "Daddy". When you didn't find him you walked back to the garage door and asked "where'd he go"? All I could do was hug you and tell you he went to fight bad guys. It's been over a week and I still catch you talking to Daddy.

The weekend after Daddy left we went to see Sesame Street Live in Nashville. Grandma and Pawpaw Shoe picked us up at the airport, we grabbed a bite at Shoney's and off we went. I won't forget the smile on your face when the characters first came out. You had a look of pure happiness. You surprised us all by how into the show you were. I don't think you took your eyes off the show maybe twice the whole first half. Even thru the second half you were absorbed into the show. Taking your eyes off only to dance, eat popcorn or rub your eyes (it was after three and you hadn't had but a thirty min nap). Seeing you at the show made it all worth it. Your smile, your happiness...made me soooooooo happy.

We also had our first big snow this year...mommy was bad and hadn't bought you a new snow suit soooooooo I had to stuff you into the one fromlast year. You were adorable. I stood you up and were hilarious telling me that you were stuck. The next day we took the sled down the little hill in our back yard. You giggled the whole way down. I can't waito go again.

You have grown so much over the past couple of months. You are talking so much now and even starting to put together little sentences. You love to dance...anywhere....anytime...and to any music. The other day while at the hospital we walked past someone playing the piano..even as I held you, you danced in my arms.
Yesterday we turned your carseat finally hit the big two zero! Finally twenty pounds. You are growing so fast. You amaze me more and more every day. Everyday I look forward to what you will do or say but I will be honest it is bittersweet. You are growing so fast. My precious little baby girl is become a big girl.