Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 much has changed

Wow...I cant believe it has been two months since my lst blog. Things were crazy. Poor litte Anna caught two viruses back to back...writing on here became an after thought of oh...I need to write about this or I should write about that. But the days are shorter than I would I am trying to catch up

Our beautiful baby girl, Wow how you have grown. You are talking up a storm now. I swear every once in awhile I get a little sentence out of you..For example last weekend we were at gymnastics and all the kids were running or hopping on the trampoline. As you were running, I of course was cheering you on. I kept saying "Go Anna, Go faster, Go, Go, GO...admist your giggles of delight you waddled over to me and in an out of breath moment said "i tying mommy". My heart couldnt have been prouder. It felt as if it would explode with pride. My mind could help to want to giggle at how cute you were and then couldnt wrap its self around the fact that you had just said what you said. All I could do was scoop you up, squeeze you and say "yes, baby, you are trying, your trying real hard and Mommy is so proud of you." I pray that I never forget that moment. Amongst the many that I hope to never forget that has to be at the top.
You have recently fallen in love with Elmo and abadoned your stuffed "lion". There are times when you will still hug Mr. Lion with all your might but currently he has been replaced with the new light in your life, the wonderful, loving, little red muppet, Elmo. You have so many Elmo items, DVD's, slippers, a bike helmet, socks (thanks to Audrea your daycare provider), an Elmo halloween bucket, an Elmo doll....I dont mind it. I think its adorable. Plus its better than Barney or the Wiggles. Sesame Street is educational so....I give in and Elmo has infiltrated our household. You have also become a fan of Dora the Explorer and Go! Diego! Go!
What an adventureous fearless little lady you are. You are not contempt to watch the other kids (the kids two to three times your age) at the park. You want to do what they do and try your hardest. If they climb up the are right there trying to climb the slide. Why your fearlessness scares me because I see me in you and I know that will mean emergency room visits, I admire you for it. I promise I wont become too protective, I will let you spread your little wings and as much as possible try the things you wanna try. I dont want you to think that there isnt anything you cant do.
You have taken to walking Chance lately. Although, I think that its more of a ploy to go walking and then run to the dirt piles. Its still cute to see you hold his leash.

You are growing so fast. Such a smart beautiful little girl. Each morning you amaze me and everyday you make me prouder of you than the day before. I still struggle to understand how that is possible but you do it. I wont lie although you make my heart swell with pride, it also makes my heart sad to see you growing so fast as I often get scared that I am missing more than I would like and it saddens me that Daddy cant see in person how much of a bright little lady you have become. Although you are my baby and always will be, often i see you as a little lady. My sweet little lady baby....I will try to write more. I will try to capture more of the moments I hope not to forget and pass them onto you. .