Sunday, August 2, 2009

Angel of Mine

My sweet little Anna! I love you so much! My day is made when you smile at me, when you giggle! No matter how mind tired I am, how drained I am...seeing your smile makes my day. I have found that you are my source of calmness. Whenever I get upset with the workings of people, I use you to calm me down. I have found that if I take the time to remove myself from the moment and think of spending time with you, of the smile I will see when I pick you up from daycare and of the hug you will give...thats when I am able to be calm again. Even on days where everything doesnt go right with "Mommy and Anna time". Like you pooing thru three sets of clothes within 4 hour period while we are out running errands. When you arent feeling good in the middle of the night and want to be held or want to run around and play with your toys...I am amazed that I dont get upset, no matter how tired I am or how unright things are going. I told myself when a long time ago that when I had my babies I wouldnt bring the issues of my work home, I wouldnt allow myself no matter how fustrated I was at work to bring that home to my children. I thought it would be harder to do this...I have found that it isnt so hard. All I want to do when I am with you is enjoy my time with you. To soak you up to remember you as you were, how you are that day. There are times I sit and just get stuck in a daze staring at you. You amaze me everyday. Your friendliness to others. Your love of dancing (dont know where you got that...maybe from Daddy...he did breakdance back in the day!) Your inkling to learn and so much more about you. I pray that your personality that you show now remains with you. For you are a strong willed, determined, kind, loving, smart person. Thank you for being you. I know you wont read this for a long time and I am sure some of this I will repeat later. But you never know what the future holds and I want you to know what is in my head and in my heart.

You are growing so fast. You now know what an octupus and seal are (in addition to the other animals you already knew). You will even "bark" like a seal!
Tonight when looking at a picture of a green truck, I asked you what color was the said "geen"! Not sure if you really know what green is because two cards later I asked you what color the sun said "geen!". I think I might of got too you said "geen" again to get the reaction. Either way, I think its pretty neat that you know "geen" is a color...if it you arent sure what it really loooks like.

This past weekend I bought you the book "Goodnight Gorilla"! You were looking at it by yourself in the living room. Pointed at something on one of the pages and said "ion", then you growled. To my were pointing at a lion! Now whenever you see that say "ion"! And when you see the lion you will often growl.

A new game for you this weekend was peek-a-boo. You have enjoyed this before but never really initiated it. Now whenever you get your hands on a blanket you will throw it over your head and charge at me. Then when I say "where is Anna" you will pull it off giggling with delight!

Oh...your love of dancing...yea...not limited to the confinds of our home. You have no fear nor no shame in dancing in the middle of an outdoor shopping center. Were there others you heard the music and had to let the dance out!

I love you my sweet baby. Goodnight...sweet dreams! I will see your bright and lovely smile in the morning! Honestly, I cant wait!