Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Anna had an exciting weekend for the 4th of July. On Thursday we picked Nana up from the airport. Anna showed off her walking skills right away by holding Nana's hand and walking to the car. The only hiccups were at the elevator. She didnt want to cross the opening and she wouldnt get close to glass. Anna didnt throw a fit or anything. She just kind of froze. Friday we went to Crackerbarrel and ate lunch. From there we went toy shopping, where Anna proudly voiced a new word..."WOW!" She just kept saying it as she looked at the toys! It was so cute. After the toystore we went to Target and got Daddy some treats. Then....we went washing machine shopping. Anna and Nana spent the time walking through home depot and lowes lighting sections...Anna liked the lights. Saturday we all slept in.....YEA! Then we mostly hung around the house until the evening. We went and had steaks with Cathie, ALex and Cathies Mom. Then it was off to the fireworks. The website said the fireworks would start at dusk. We got there around 8....and heard the annoucement that the fireworks would start at 930! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy past Anna's bedtime. She did pretty good entertaining herself for awhile. She danced to the music (see the video below),
she made friends with the grandpa next to us, chased the ducks and walked around everywhere. Then the fireworks started. Anna LOVED them! She just stared at them with her mouth open, smiling and pointing at times. Towards the end she started getting fussy but...who could blame her it was already an hour and half past her bedtime. Im glad we took her. She really did enjoy it. I think her favorite was when she saw the fireworks reflections in the water. She was mesmerized. Anna did sooooo good with Nana. I am always worried that she will get stranger scared when she hasnt seen family in awhile. I really shouldnt worry...she can seriously make friends with long as they wave and smile when she says "hi" to them :+)